Ah, bollocks. I came into work today bouncing. Music on high, chomping on a chocolate croissant, admiring my own waistcoat… I’m increasingly taken by surprise when the Read More

Getting there…

Around this time of year, people always write reflective posts. Try to summarise things, draw pictures of the future. Heck, Facebook even helps us do it, just in Read More

Good enough

It is weird not being in a pagan performance festival, or attending one, tonight. I’m confused, a little, bouncing back and forwards. It’s Samhuinn, obviously. There are people Read More

Where were you when…

  I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now, and haven’t, for various reasons. Communicating has been difficult, and increasingly so, for a while, for me. Read More

A timeline of love: Part 1

Partly inspired by an article I read over on Thought Catalog – who possibly could compete with BuzzFeed in the ‘Most Blatant Use Of Titles To Get You To Read More

The fog clears

I have to get this down, quickly. I’m having a ‘feel normal’ episode. Feel good, even. It’s in these moments that I truly appreciate that I *am* mentally Read More