Hsu Ramsay Agreement

The EU and Ramsay administration has reached an agreement in principle on the settlement of a new enterprise agreement that includes provisions for the employment of Ramsay`s staff over the next three years. – Two separate schedules – Peel Health Campus and other group hospitals, I.e. JHC, etc., Union and Ramsay management have agreed on the final draft of a document on the enterprise agreement, which is expected to be available next week or for staff review. A vote by all staff will then be taken by Ramsay to determine acceptance or non-acceptance of the proposed new EA. There are a considerable number of changes from the current EA, which is why Members are invited to conduct a thorough review of the new EA document before the vote. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SAY ON ELECTION DAY! – Additional pay point at the top of the Level 2 administrative classification for PHC – those who have 12 months or more at the current level 2.4 go to level 2.5, – start at the P1.2 level (4/6.2) for certain calls and other professionals with a four-year degree, . The enterprise agreement for union members employed by Ramsay Health Care in Attadale, Glengarry and Hollywood Hospitals, Joondalup Health Campus and Peel Health Campus has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission. The agreement will apply from 11 September 2019 and includes HSUWA members` conditions for employment and rates of pay until the end of September 2021. EA – Ramsay Health Care WA Hospital Health Services Union Enterprise Agreement 2016 – Specified Callings and Other Professionals can be increased by USD 5,000 from January 2016. – PHC – 1.5% applied so far – Transitional provisions 2016 and 2017, 2.82% in 2018 – applicable 27 January 2016, 2017 and 2018. – New classification descriptors for certain calls and other professionals, i.e. P1.1 – 4/6.1, etc., – Group hospitals – Minimum increases of 2.75%, 2.75% and 2.82% – Applicable 27 January 2016, 2017 and 2018- Therapy assistants can move to Level 3 by meeting certain criteria, authorizing and registering the enterprise agreement to ensure that our members are legally enforceable.

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