Master Franchise Agreement Format

(c) the franchisee terminates immediately after the end of the franchisor or its candidate (but subject to the crosser of its candidate who assumes the future charge) all franchise agreements granted by the master franchisee, including agreements granted to the subsidiaries of the master franchisee. 2. Duration of agreement. The duration of the agreement begins from the date mentioned above and will last for ten (10) years, unless it is denounced earlier by the agreement of the parties or, as stipulated in this agreement, if MSF has fully fulfilled all the conditions preceding the extension of Section 14, MSF has the right, but no obligation , to have, at the expiry of this agreement, a renewal contract for the sale of master franchise (the “renewal contract”) for a period of ten consecutive years (10) “renewal period”). (b) the regional franchisee is not in a position to meet, within a reasonable time, the requirements of the company, customers or potential franchisees in the territory, provided that the company has indicated the necessary method to meet these requirements and has given the regional franchisee the opportunity to conduct such training, as the company may recommend; or the franchisee`s misuse of trademarks, intellectual property rights, confidential information, manuals and policies provided by the franchisor for the operation of franchisees is highly relevant to franchisors and one of the most important risks to which franchisors may be exposed. In the event of abuse of intellectual property or information or if the after-sales service of the franchised units does not comply with franchisor standards, the value, reputation and image of the franchisor and its activities can be seriously affected, which can result in economic losses. Conceptually, development agents will never be allowed to play sub-franchise. The right to sub-franchise is generally granted to a franchisee. The under-franchised must operate the unit, but they generally do not have the right to stop it. 5.

The franchisee`s commitments to protect brands and preserve the identity and reputation of the franchise network are agreed with the franchisee master: – 8.11. Provide MSF assistance as the company deems appropriate, as well as information on MSF`s establishment of a disclosure document required by federal and national laws. MSF is responsible for continuously meeting all advertising and registration obligations imposed by the federal state and the states in the state where the territory is located. MSF will review the disclosure document in a way that the entity requests from time to time and should never include false, false or misleading information in a disclosure document. Master franchisees are generally required to adhere to certain plans for the development of franchised units that can only be operated by the master franchisee or his sub-franchisees. It is unusual for development officers to be required to adhere to a development schedule when it is customary to include specific targets for agents in the corresponding agency agreement.