Nnn Agreement Meaning

Even if you have a strong agreement on NNN, you should still do the right job of labeling all your proprietary and confidential information as “CONFIDENTIAL.” Find out what the NNN agreement clauses mean and how they are compared to a confidentiality agreement: NNN agreements are the Chinese equivalent of the Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) of the Western world. An effective NNN agreement is used to protect your privacy if you work directly with manufacturers in China. NNN agreements include confidentiality, non-circumvention and non-use clauses. Dear Sir/Madam, hello for you! I have legal expertise, which includes legal research, legal risk analysis, contract and agreement writing, contract management and legal correction, etc. I need help writing a contract. I need a certified Chinese lawyer who can draft a legal agreement on China, called confidentiality agreement, non-use, non-circumvention. NNN agreement. But the problem is that there can often be minor differences in meaning between the two languages. The NNN agreement not only contains confidentiality provisions, but also contains provisions prohibiting a Chinese manufacturer from abusing confidential information it has received because of its working relationship with you. If you don`t speak at all or read Chinese, you can ask your lawyer for a translation of the Chinese NNN agreement into your preferred language. The non-use clause contained in an NNN agreement means that the company with which you sign the contract cannot use the product for purposes outside the contractual purpose. It makes sure they don`t use your product or idea to compete with you.

You cannot sell your product to your competitors or competitors. Their NNN agreement would normally have to be written to be enforceable in a Chinese court responsible for the Chinese defendant. This means that Chinese law is the law in force, that Chinese is the dominant language and that the exclusive jurisdiction is before a Chinese court competent for the defendant. The main reason for this China-based approach is that, in cases of violation or circumvention, you must be able to act quickly against the Chinese accused. Most of the time, any other approach will render the agreement unenforceable or delay its implementation as long as the agreement becomes unnecessary. The non-circumvention clauses of the agreement prohibit the Chinese manufacturer from copying your product, bypassing your business and selling the product directly to your own customers. Hello, I am an expert in the NNN project, a Chinese lawyer too, but already not running business in China cuz already changed my nationality. There are a few comments in my profile, you can take a look. The agreed w Plus If I would be you, I would consider going ahead by making your product elsewhere as fast as I could, and we can also help you avoid repeating this IP theft in the next country where you are going to manufacture your product.