Vsnu Open Access Agreements

Open Access: These are not just VSNU eZine magazine articles at Open Access: The Importance of the “International” Frank Vrancken Peeters, SpringerNature`s commercial director, The Scientist, said in an email that the agreement with VSNU led to an increase in “Gold Open Access” articles – available free of charge on magazine pages by Dutch authors: from 34 percent of documents published in 2014 to 84 percent of those published in 2014. SpringerNature has also established federal advertising agreements in Sweden, Austria and the United Kingdom and is currently negotiating this type of contract with the DEAL project, an alliance of academic institutions in Germany. The corresponding authors of the Dutch universities VSNU will make their article available free of charge to the author. NOTE: The maximum number of items for 2020 has been reached (4 December). OUP offers you an open access option, but the costs are no longer covered by the open access contract. You will receive an invoice for these fees. If you don`t want to, select a standard license. Click here for the working method that OUP uses on its website when open access publications maximum for 2020 are reached. For more information, you can contact your institution`s open access contact agent.

VSNU has created a fourth eZine on Open Access. The eZine “Open access – International Alignment” looks at the progress of the Open Access 2018-2020 roadmap. In negotiations, for example, the conditions for entering into contracts with publishers will be taken into account. The observation also identifies the main differences in publishing cultures in different scientific fields. Developments for the future are discussed as part of a series of key trends that help illustrate the scenarios for the years to come. Finally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shares its funder`s views on the development of open access. In 2020, Emerald will issue 57 open access vouchers to authors from participating Dutch universities. 2020 coupons are sold out. Please check with your OA contact in the library to see if there are other ways to improve the accessibility of your publication. The Association of Dutch Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) is in favour of a strong higher education sector. 14 Dutch universities are part of the UNSV, working together to improve university education, research and exploitation.

THE UNSV is largely involved in choosing a digital solution to increase the reach of scientific resources, and open access is one of them. KNAW, founded in 1808, the Academy plans to promote the quality of science and strives to ensure that Dutch scientists and researchers are an integral part of the contribution to cultural, social and economic progress. The Academy is the governing body of various national research institutes and represents all scientific and scientific disciplines. Dutch students can publish open access as a corresponding author in 150 selected journals. You will be automatically informed by SAGE based on your email. The university`s domain name must be included in the email. The press release contains an open access license form. After receiving a completed form, the article with a CC.BY.3.0 license is published in SAGE. Publishing free open-access in a total of 317 hybrid magazines and full open access Brill Encore, at least one library in the Netherlands has decided to permanently cancel its OUP subscription. According to Just de Leeuwe, editorial advisor of the library, the Technical University of Delft (Tu Delft) has advocated the VSNU agreement, whether or not it is open access.